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Along side my husband of over a decade, I photograph people in love with each other and in love with their lives. We're based in Paducah Kentucky but gladly will go anywhere you want to take us! We are so glad you've stopped by to follow our most recent adventures! Grab your favorite drink and snack and get cozy... there's plenty to see!

Week 37

March 16, 2015

How Far Along: FULL TERM!!! 37 weeks and 1 day

Weight Gain/Loss: I’m sitting just under 60 pounds of weight gain and I feel every single extra pound.

Sleep: Getting up to pee on an average of 4 times a night. Last night, it was every 1.5 hour, pretty much on the dot.

Best Moment This Week: Last Monday we got to see our Little Guy again and learn more about his size… getting so excited!

Movement: Still lots of movement going on… Love feeling my healthy baby boy!

Food Cravings/Aversions: Still loving all the food!

What I Miss: Wearing my own shoes! I now have only one pair that fits, and they’re technically my moms! Depressing!

Stretch Marks: Still none

Belly Button: flat

Wedding Rings: I’m still able to wear the ring my grandmother gave me and they’re not snug so yay!

Mood: Had a small break down the other day. I think it’s just par for the course but the very end of pregnancy.

Labor Signs: Still none 🙁

Milestones: I’m now full term!!! Little Guy can come any day now!!!!

Upcoming Appointments/Events: Today was my 37 weeks appointment, next week will be my 38, and so on and so forth.

What I look forward to: Holding my baby boy in my arms!

Weekly Wisdom: Relax as much as you can during your last month or so before your due date. My lower extremities swelling is at an all time high but I keep going and going… by the end of the day I am actual pain. Once it gets this bad, compression hose hardly help.