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We’re Home!

June 30, 2012

Around the end of May Neil and I finally moved back to our hometown of Paducah. Finally! Not even a week after we moved home we left for Disney World and then I spent the following week and a half after we got back from Disney studying for my nursing boards. THEN I started my new job and well, I’m just now getting around to blogging about it all.

So where did we move to, you ask? Well, my parents had just started moving into their new house that conveniently had a pool/guest house! Because it was getting to be so frustrating living in a different town than where Neil and I both wanted to be my parents offered for us to move into their guest house until we found a house. After all, we were spending half of our time in Paducah anyway. The guest house is tiny, I don’t know how many square feet, but these pictures should give you a good idea. Please excuse the mess. These pictures were taken the day we moved in.

Now, the images below are obviously not the guest house, but what is outside the guest house. The main house is outside and to the left…

Directly in front of the guest house is the pool. It’s covered in this picture but has been uncovered and heavily used since we’ve been back from Florida 🙂

The rest of the patio and the back yard is outside and to the right of the guest house…

More of the back yard and the lake.

And this is the guest house! Cute huh?

No, I’ll show you cute! My two pups, waiting for their momma to finish taking pictures and to let them outside 🙂

I apologize for the poor images quality. These were all taken with my iPhone.