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2014 Bristol’s Bridal Expo

January 31, 2014

Last year was my first time at the Bristol Bridal Expo, or any bridal/wedding show for that matter! I was definitely more prepare this time around but the whole experience was still overwhelming! The numbers aren’t out yet but it sure felt close to 300 brides this year, just like last year, and over 150 brides signed up for my engagement session giveaway!

Because of the rebrand I did this past summer, my booth had to have a rebrand of its own! Back in November I started collecting pins on Pinterest of ideas. Three separate pins inspired the look for this year’s booth:

1. Lace backdrop, 2. Crepe paper streamers, 3. Gold metallic paper garland

I knew I wanted a layered look to my booth backdrop but it had to stay light and airy. My lovely momma found three curtain panels from dun dun DUN Kmart, after searching everywhere else. And they were perfect! But finding crepe paper streamers in the colors I needed (mint green and coral pink) was not working out, but the internet saves the day, as always! This tutorial on how to dye crepe paper did the trick and I was able to create THE PERFECT colored streamers! And I bought scrapbooking paper for the garland, final touch!


Tada! After months of planning, days of implementing, and hours of set up, the booth came to life!


Foam matted prints and price cards – WHCC
Business cards – Moo
White leather stools – T.J.Maxx
Frames – Organic Bloom
Custom cookies – Cass & Company
Crepe paper streamers – Walmart!