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3 Reasons to Hire a Professional Makeup Artist for Your Wedding Day

May 29, 2020

Advise from the Artist Behind f.a.c.e Makeup Artistry

I have worked with many makeup artists through the course of my almost 10 years as a professional wedding photographer and none of them are quite like Erin Hendley. I love her to pieces as a human, as a women in business, but her make up skills are seriously the best. AND she makes alllll of my brides so thrilled with their work on them – what’s not the love???

F.A.C.E. Makeup Artistry is an unforgettable makeup boutique. The business originated in New York City where highly trained & certified Makeup Artist/Owner, Erin Hendley mastered her craft working with respected fashion magazines, the biannual New York Fashion Week runway shows and one-of-a-kind Brides. With the relocation of the business back to Kentucky for now 7 years, Erin provides professional services unsurpassed in the region. Her custom products and individualized consultations create a unique encounter that utilizes color to accentuate exceptional features. F.A.C.E. Makeup Artistry provides a true experience one should have for makeup of any occasion, especially weddings.

3 Reasons to Hire a Professional Makeup Artist for Your Wedding Day:

1. Expertise: Wedding professionals are working in the industry nearly every weekend, including the Makeup Artist. The Professional will know how to logistically plan and execute in a busy atmosphere with very specific timeframes. They also understand the dimensions, color palettes and techniques necessary to achieve a bridal makeup look that reads well for all aspects of wedding day: in-person, on-camera, in video, up close, far away, during both daylight and evening light, indoor and outdoor.

2. Accountability: A Professional Makeup Artist will provide proper paperwork to protect the bride for her wedding day. The Professional will also perform a Bridal Preview (aka trial run) with the client to ensure the look is well thought out and achieved during this appointment, allowing the bride to step into the wedding day with confidence with no last minute decisions to make.

3. Confidence: Hiring a professional Makeup Artist, allows the Bride and bridal party the opportunity to be pampered and relax. The Professional has everything needed by adhering to the checklist of necessary bridal makeup items created during the Bridal Preview (including touch-up kit) to fulfill the bride’s wishes.