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Baby Shane

April 18, 2019

A Baby Boy Natural Light Studio Newborn Session in Paducah Kentucky

Back in the early summer I photographed this sweet little NEW family of 4 in my studio. Those who only see my work online may not know that I photograph many types of portraits: boudoir, maternity, fresh baby, newborn, baby milestones, family, and anniversary portraits, as well as weddings and births! For those that do know all that I offer ask me why I only blog some sessions and not all.

Well first, I DO blog every wedding and every birth (unless the mama has requested that I not). If I blogged every single session I photographed, I’d be blogging 2-3 times every single day. That’s not a brag, it’s my current reality right now. And right now, because I’m trying to catch up from not blogging any in 2018 so some days I am blogging more than once, but I’m also not blogging every day because, well, life!

So what do I post on the blog and why? Beside weddings and births, I photograph any maternity session that I photograph if I photographed their wedding and or I am also photographing their birth. I do this because I love maternity portraits but also because I fancy myself a forever photographer and I want to showcase that continuous relationship on my online home. I also blog every fresh baby and newborn session – I love babies and I love photographing and highlighting the relationship between a new family.

You’ll also notice anniversary sessions on the blog. I blog these for much of the same reason I blog engagement sessions, especially if I was also their wedding photographer. If someone has been blogged once, you can bet I’ll want to blog them again. It’s all about continuing my relationship with them and letting them know in however many ways I can that they are important to me. That they’re not just one of my many clients that I photograph every year.

So why won’t you see many if any family portraits or baby milestone sessions (it should be obvious why boudoir portraits aren’t blogged) on the blog? Two reasons: 1) I really would have to blog multiples times every day because family portraits are likely more than half of my work.

In the photography industry, there’s a saying: Only blog what you want to shoot.

2) I am slowly working toward trimming my portrait offering. As I continue to pray and think of this, I’ll be talking more about this 🙂