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Katherine & Schubert

April 17, 2019

A Spring Heartland Church and Country Club of Paducah Wedding | Paducah, Kentucky

It had been threatening to rain all day long but somehow held off until the ceremony started. Thank goodness Katherine & Schubert decided to have a first look or we would have never been able to grab gorgeous bride & groom portraits that were taken not even a half hour before the rain began. Whether a couple chooses to have a first look or not rarely matters to me – I’m open to whatever the couple wants – but I cannot emphasize enough how much having first look can come in handy when you’re faced with tricky Kentucky weather.

Other than the weather working out for us on their wedding day back in April, everything on their day just fell into place! Hair and makeup actually ran ahead of schedule, the bridal party arrived on time, and the ceremony ended a few minutes early! Family members were so excited to be included that we finished family portraits in no time and therefore, made it to the reception early! Despite the rain!

All of those things make a day run smoothly and is essential zero stress on my end but one thing in particular stuck out to me the most:

Katherine’s cousin Parker walked her down the aisle. I had been told of their precious relationship but seeing it in person was another story! Parker was so honored to be that special person for Katherine – he practiced for weeks walking arm in arm with his mom to make sure he would be able to do it perfectly come the wedding day! Katherine and Parker also danced a special dance together at the reception and I’m pretty sure everyone was either tearing up or smiling ear to ear… or both while watching them! Other than when she saw Schubert for the first time during their first look, I don’t think Katherine smiled bigger than during that dance the entire day!


  1. Great photos Rachael, it was a pleasure to work with you.