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A little re-decorating

April 13, 2011

I spent most of my evening last night re-doing the header for Rachael Houser Photography and I am more than happy with how it turned out. The logo looks better with a white background, I added a much needed search bar, updated the menu a little, even added a calendar!

Last Saturday I had the amazing opportunity to second shoot my first wedding for the oh-so-talented Stephanie Reeder of Stephanie Reeder Photography. We’ve been meeting for coffee and dinner for a few months now and she’s already invited me along for a handful of her weddings just this summer! Not only was it a great way for me to get my feet wet in the wedding business but I needed this last Saturday’s wedding to prepare me for my own wedding in a few weeks. One thing I learned from that wedding? the more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know. Thank God Stephanie is such a great person, photographer, and teacher! I am blessed to have her as my mentor. I’ve been slowly editing the images from the wedding and I hope to show a few on here soon. Until then, please enjoy the changes 🙂