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Abby & Paul’s Metropolis, IL Engagement Session

April 24, 2013

There are some couples that you just know, from the minute you meet them, that they are going to be SO MUCH FUN. Abby & Paul are one of those couples. I met the two love birds at an abandoned factory beside Fort Massac State Park. Seconds later, another car pulled up beside us – it was Abby’s best friend Maddie. She came to assist Abby but ended up assisting me a lot too! Minutes into our session, here comes Abby’s mom! At our second location, Abby’s grandparents’ farm, a few more family members joined us. We had so many helpers! It really gives me a good look into how their wedding will be, and how their marriage will be. They are surrounded by so many people who love them and who want to see them happy. Having all that additional help meant that Abby & Paul could relax and really have fun with me. And in turn, I had (probably too much) fun with them as well! The whole day was a blast and I seriously cannot wait for their wedding in June!


  1. Deedy says:

    Do not know you but saw someone like your link and so I clicked on it. Let me just say what an awesome gift someone gave you by taking these pictures like this for you. They are lovely pictures and done so cute for years of memories to look back on.

    🙂 Okay into photography I am. But let me just say TOO CUTE!

  2. Deedy says: