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Along side my husband of over a decade, I photograph people in love with each other and in love with their lives. We're based in Paducah Kentucky but gladly will go anywhere you want to take us!

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Katherine & Schubert

May 8, 2019

An Early Fall Downtown and Lakeside Engagement Session | Paducah, Kentucky

Today I’m blogging an early fall engagement session. It’s a nice break from all the spring engagement sessions I’ve been blogging and will continue to blog lately… Spring, like fall, is chock FULL of engagement sessions and I can’t blame my couples for wanting spring portraits (or me, since I schedule them lol) – both seasons are GORGEOUS for different reasons! In spring, the light is pure and the colors are bright and lights pinky while in fall, the light is warm and the colors are rich.

But I’m blogging this fall engagement session today because, in case you hadn’t noticed (new followers may not have), I’m just now getting around the blogging again. I took a year off from blogging to focus on my new baby, my family, and myself, all the while still giving my clients the love they deserve. I wanted to revamp my website and blog (it was a loooonnnng time coming!) but more so, I just needed to regroup. I needed to figure out what life looks like with two kids and a thankfully, successful business. I needed to not burying myself in work every single moment that I wasn’t busy being a mom. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve not perfected that work-life balance yet and I’m sure I’ll hit bumps in the road but I’m entering this new season of life feeling refreshed, invigorated, and ready to show you alllll that I’ve been up to over the past 12+ months. Thanks for sticking around! You won’t be disappointed!!

Now, onto THIS blog post – Katherine & Schubert’s engagement session! The first portion of their engagement session took place in Lowertown Paducah, one of my all time favorite portrait locations because there are so many different locations all within walking distance. The session got cut short due to extreme overcast skies and shortly after we stopped shooting, the rain came. Good decision on our part! We picked up with their second outfit at their second location on their back up date. I always schedule a date up date for engagement (and maternity) portraits just in case it rains us out on the first scheduled date. Doing this has saved me and my couples a lot of trouble. Otherwise, it would be a scheduling struggle – me trying to fit the session in somewhere in my already packed schedule and my couples having to find time in their busy lives. Scheduling two separate dates at the beginning just makes it easy on everyone!


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