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The Blogging Calendar

January 20, 2015

When I attended Katelyn JamesWorkshop in the fall of 2013, I learned MANY valuable tips and tricks on running a successful photography business. One of those tricks I couldn’t wait till I got home to implement (so I didn’t wait and I started that afternoon!) was the idea of a blogging calendar.

Katelyn had her blog calendar set up on her iCal calendar on her computer, which I tried for a couple weeks or so until I figured out why it wasn’t meshing well with my workflow. I am a to-do list maker and I LOVE writing things down and crossing or checking them off – that’s one of the reasons Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner works so well for me – so I sat down a designed a very simple, very ugly printable calendar that I used for all of 2014. And it worked miracles!

In preparing for 2015, I knew I wanted to use my printable calendar for scheduling blog posts again but I wanted to look at something a tad prettier. Thus, this printable was born!

The Blog Calendar | Free Printable | Rachael Houser Photography

And now YOU can use it too! I created one for each month of 2015 for you to download, print off, and start a better blogging habit!


So how do I use mine? Because I’m a wedding photographer and I blog every wedding the Tuesday following a wedding, the first thing I do is fill in wedding blog posts (on Tuesdays of course). Next up comes special occasions, birthdays, and holidays, then engagement and portrait sessions. Of course, being pregnant in my third trimester means that during the months of January-March, I have every Monday blocked off for weekly updates because my gestation weeks start on Sundays. I use the bottom of the calendar page as my “blog ideas” section and jot down ideas that I have and then fill in any blank calendar days with ideas from my list. I write everything in pencil because, you know, life happens and things have to be rearranged. I might be a control freak, but I’m a flexible one 😉

I hope you all enjoy this free printable… maybe next week I’ll have a new one for you 😉