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Pursuit Paducah January Gathering

January 22, 2015

Two weeks ago I led the very first gathering of Pursuit Community’s new small group of Paducah at our local Books A Million. Why BAM? Because our group is brand spank’ new, I wanted a warm but neutral venue to get together so everyone would feel comfortable coming. It worked out so well that I held a secondary first gathering the following Monday evening for those that were unable to attend that Thursday evening.

Pursuit Paducah | Pursuit Community | Rachael Houser Photography

For those of you who don’t know what Pursuit Community is, we are a Christian community of creative entrepreneurs – more specifically photographers, bloggers / writers, shop owners, calligraphers, and graphic designers – dedicated to cultivating the art of community and building the Kingdom of God as He uses us in our families, neighborhoods, and the world. We have many groups around the United States, Canada and the Philippines. If you are a woman in any of these categories and would like to learn more about Pursuit Community, visit our Facebook group page and check the directory for a group in your area.

For January’s gathering, I keep the topics of conversation very light – nothing too deep for our first gathering but I definitely intend on getting deeper as we gathering each month. At both initial gatherings, we sat between two 4 person tables, did round-robin introductions, I explained essentially what we were all doing there – what Pursuit Community was and is now about and what Pursuit Paducah could be – and then spent the rest of our time together answering the ladies’ questions.

After each initial gathering, I invited each lady to the Pursuit Paducah Facebook group and if they were ready to commit themselves to this new small group (and the larger national Pursuit Community group) they accepted the invitation to join the group. Every single lovely lady accepted the invite and we are now sitting at 14 active members, all in less than one month of activity! I am more than thrilled at what we’ve already accomplished and so excited to see where God takes this group of women creatives!!

Pursuit Paducah January Gathering | Pursuit Community | Rachael Houser Photography

If you think you might be interested in joining us, I invite you to our February gathering! Click here to learn more about it and shoot me an email or message me on Facebook if you have any questions!