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Christmas 2013: It’s a Wonderful Life!

December 30, 2013

It’s almost The New Year!!!! Before I jump head-over-heels into 2014 I want to make sure I post my Christmas 2013 post. Lord knows I waited WAY too long last year :/

Please enjoy my Christmas Eve with my family and Neil’s…

I finally dug out my late grandfather’s camera bag and what do you know! He had a macro lens that fit my Mark III! I had some fun photographing my rings before I photographed our Christmas decor.

Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0001Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0002

Don’t hold me to this but I’m hoping this will be the last year we decorate a fake Christmas tree. Also, this should be one of last times you see carpet in our living room! OOO suspense!

Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0017Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0018Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0019Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0020Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0021Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0022Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0023

I decorated the mantel similar to last year because I liked it but next year will different because the mantel will be different! Do you notice a lot of foreshadowing here??

Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0024Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0025Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0026Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0027Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0028Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0029

Christmas Eve morning was spent at my mom and dad’s, helping them prepare for my mom’s side of the family. Below is the absolutely stunning red velvet cheese cake my mom made from scratch. Holy cow! I took more pictures of it than anything because I think it deserves to be in a magazine! I’ll be posting the recipe soon – it was not just gorgeous, it was the best thing I ate this Christmas season! No joke!

Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0003Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0004Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0005Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0006Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0007Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0008Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0009Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0010Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0011Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0012

It isn’t the holidays without the dogs! And Neil stands in for yet another test shot. Love that patient man!

Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0013

Neil and Benny and my brother John and Aly <3 And John and his dogs, Daisy and Lilly.

Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0014

My immediate family with my mom’s mom and our little family in front of the Christmas tree.

Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0015

My mom reading her Christmas Story trivia. Pretty sure I was the only one serious about playing 😉

Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0016

Fast forward a few hours to Neil’s immediate family’s Christmas. After the church services, we met up at Neil’s brother’s house for Mexican. Not your typical Christmas meal but it was very delicious. I can do Mexican pretty much any day!

Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0030

Below is the result of my almost 4 year old nephew playing with my camera. I am very thankful the Mark III is so heavy duty because Kolton is constantly asking to use it!

Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0031Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0032Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0033

I stole it back to document the opening of presents…

Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0034Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0035Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0036Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0037

And our annual Christmas tree picture! Notice my sister-in-law about ready to pop? Well, she had baby Khloe on the 28th! YUP! I have another niece!! Who’s birth I got to photograph! More on than later as well!

Christmas-2013-Rachael Houser_0038


  1. Jeannie says:

    Lovely! You look stunning as always, and your family looks happy and healthy. I can’t wait to hear about photographing the birth–maybe we should team up and be an unstoppable doula/birth photographer duo? 😉