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Jamie & Casey

May 29, 2019

A Classic Outdoor Carson Center May Wedding | Paducah, Kentucky

Every Bride’s bridesmaid group surely love heir bride. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have spent money on their (more often than not) expensive bridesmaid dress, traveled to the wedding location for a long weekend, or sacrificed said long weekend to do one thing – celebrate their friend’s marriage to her soulmate. But these bridesmaids were something special. While they all know each other, their connections to Jamie are different and yet they all came together so seamlessly to make Jamie & Casey’s wedding day something that everyone would remember in the best of ways!

Likewise, Casey’s groomsmen were the fun and harmless distraction that is needed on what is usually a pretty serious and structured day. Casey’s guys kept him and everyone around them laughing and genuinely enjoying the day, before and after the party started!

And then there was both Jamie & Casey’s family who were so present in the various moments of the day. You could tell that every single person – family, friend, guest – would thrilled for this couple and were honored to be invited to witness the first day of Jamie & Casey’s forever. And I was honored to be there to photograph such a wonderful day! Congrats to Jamie & Casey – yay marriage!!!