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Olivia & Jacob

May 22, 2019

A Floral Filled Lowertown Paducah Kentucky Engagement Session

Olivia & Jacob met in high school, which pulls at my heartstrings because, as most of you know, Neil and I were also high school sweet hearts! But they may be the most mature high schoolers I’ve ever heard of – they only casually dated each other yet remained friends when they weren’t dating! They graduated, went their separate ways, grew, and matured even more. Fast forward four years and reconnected online and the rest is history!

It’s not common but also not rare for the mother of the bride to be my first line on contact with a couple when I’m being booked to be someone’s wedding photographer. More often than not, the bride’s parents are the one footing the bill for the photographer so it makes sense to me that I would at some point talk with the MOB. In Olivia & Jacob’s case, I spoke with Olivia’s mom over the phone for close to an hour during our first phone conversation, and by the end of it she was sold but hadn’t discussed it with Olivia yet. Another uncommon thing – for the mother of the bride to be the one to show my portfolio to the bride! I can’t say that I minded it, it’s just never happened before… so yes! I was thrilled with Olivia’s mom emailed me back saying that Olivia loved my work and they were both excited to bring me on board for Olivia & Jacob’s October 2019 wedding. Let the planning begin – starting with the engagement session!