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Along side my husband of over a decade, I photograph people in love with each other and in love with their lives. We're based in Paducah Kentucky but gladly will go anywhere you want to take us! We are so glad you've stopped by to follow our most recent adventures! Grab your favorite drink and snack and get cozy... there's plenty to see!

Emily, Erin, & Jenny’s Portrait Session

November 10, 2010

Saturday, I met Emily, Erin, and Jenny at Taco Bell and carpooled to Dixon Springs State Park for our photo shoot. It wasn’t too cool at the beginning but the closer it got to dinner time, the colder it got outside. More daylight would have allowed more shooting time but a few hours is all we needed. We had a ton of fun but I also managed to get several great shots of my friends!

{location: Dixon Springs State Park, Illinois}


  1. Cristin says:

    We have pretty friends 🙂 <3

    They're great, Rach!

  2. Jenny says:

    I still love these! If the three of us were a band, the CD cover would be the black and white photo! lol.