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Holly & David

June 5, 2018

A Formal and Fun Classy Boho Downtown Paducah Kentucky Wedding

One of the best things about living in downtown Paducah is the benefit that over half of my weddings either start or end up downtown so I’m close to home at some point in the day. Definitely beneficial while your 4 month old is going through a bottle refusal and you (me) have to return to your house not once but twice throughout a wedding day to nurse said baby! Holly & David’s wedding day took place 100% downtown – we started shooting at O’ So Beautiful, where the girls were getting ready in their precious matching floral robes (whoever decided that should be a thing for the bride and her ladies is a genius!). We went from the salon to Grace Episcopal Church for everyone to get dressed and start with bridesmaid, groomsmen, and family formals, without Holly & David seeing each other. It was very important to the both of them that they wait for the traditional reveal and not see each other before the ceremony. I’m all for not doing a first look if it’s what the couple desires so together, Holly and I were able to create a timeline that still allowed for tons of portraits despite that fact. Cocktail hour helps!

Another thing helped us make the most of our portrait time after the ceremony – we stayed at Grace’s courtyard and only left when we were done and heading to the Carson Center for the reception. Thankfully, Grace’s courtyard is one of the prettiest locations in all of Downtown Paducah! The reception was beautifully decorated by Courtney Smith of Prim and Proper with all of her gorgeous and plentiful rentals. I had never seen the terrace so lovely! After dinner, Pink Cadillac got us all up on our feet – yes, even myself and one of my very favorite videographers Stevie Stout was dancing in the middle of it all! Having an amazing band was priority to Holly & David – they wanted a party and I think they succeeded!