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Curry Family

May 1, 2020

Front Porch Portraits

Front Porch Portraits weren’t my original or even secondary idea – a loyal portrait client of mine tagged me on Facebook in an article written in Mid March of a photographer in the north offering these very same portraits in lieu of the traditional portraits that would be going on outdoors. Spring is my all time favorite season to photograph portraits in and it was already breaking my heart anticipating missing out on what’s usually the start of my busy outdoor portrait season. I read the article and immediately knew that I wanted to do these Front Porch Portraits so my assistant and I (social distantly) wasted no time in announcing them.


  1. Norma Swaney says:

    Rachael Houser –
    You have an extraordinary talent, aided by the beauty of this family. Of course, it could be said that I’m a bit prejudiced as Rachel is my granddaughter! I absolutely love the portraits you do of the family.