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Graeme is 4 months old!

August 13, 2015


I’m like every mom – each new stage in their child’s life is their favorite. Last month, I was loving how full of expression Graeme’s face always was (is still!). Then, he grew a little more and now I’m like “THIS is my favorite age!” because of all the reasons listed in his milestone picture, and more! Even though I know I’m going to love love love 5 months even more, he’s growing up all to fast! In less than two months, we’ll be introducing solids! Don’t get me wrong, he’ll be a primarily breastfed baby until at least one year but know thinking about his one year birthday being only 8 months away… where did my baby go?

Last month, I blogged his then current daily schedule. Not a lot has changed but he’s going through the 4 month growth spurt so, for the most part, he’s back to eating every 3 hours. He’s also waking up one additional time every night. Some call it the “four month sleep regression”, but it’s so much more than that.

The drooling continues! He soaks through at least three bibs a day. We took him off his reflux meds, just to see if his stomach and esophagus are mature enough now, and we’re 12 days in so I think it’s safe to say he no longer has reflux issues! PS, I’m working on a blog post all about breastfeeding and stomach issues so stay tuned!!

He had his four month shots and, because I learned from my mistake from his 2 month shots, I dosed him with Tylenol before his appointment and he did just fine. Sure, he cried, but it didn’t last long and it wasn’t anything that nursing couldn’t fix!

Graeme attend his very first fireworks show at Thunder Over Eddy Bay on the Fourth of July. It was also his first boat ride… kind of! It was dark, there were hundreds of boats, and we only putted about a quarter mile away from our boat dock before dropping anchor for 30 minutes. After the annual fireworks show, we putted back to our dock and went directly into his bedtime routine. All things considered, he did really well!

A week later we took our Pensacola trip, and then vowed to never take him on any long trips, every again. 😉

And finally, on Sunday, July 26th Graeme was baptized in my home church, Lone Oak United Methodist. It was such a big day for us… he was surrounded by our friends and family and it meant the world to me. I know he won’t remember any of what happened this past month but his mommy will. And one day, I hope he’ll look back at these blog posts and read about the wonderful life he’s lived.