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Graeme is four years old!

April 1, 2019

I cannot believe it’s already been four years!

Today is the day! Graeme is 4 years old!!! I’d hard to believe he’s already 4…. sometimes I look at him and he still seems so young, baby like even. And other times I look at him and I can’t believe I have this big boy living in my house, let alone believe that he’s MY big boy! So far, four has not been his shining moment… It’s been our experience that Age Four is more difficult (for us and for Graeme) than Age Three or Age Two.

He’s definitely more argumentative, more head strong, and more independent. But he’s also soooo smart, has the language and speech capabilities of the average 6 year old, is very physically capable/athletic, and has a variety of interests. He’s considerate (as much as a 4 year old boy can be) and friendly to everyone he meets. You’ve heard of that saying “He’s never met a stranger?” – that’s Graeme! He doesn’t like be left out and he doesn’t like to leave others out – no matter what activity it is. He loves pizza, pimento cheese, peanut butter sandwiches, ice cream, donuts, apples, and strawberries. Currently into golf and baseball but that changes from day to day. LOVES “reading” and being read to, telling stories and having someone tell him stories.

When he’s at home he like to ride his bike or dig in the backyard, build pillow forts with our couch cushions in our living room, and build elaborate train tracks and play with trains in his bedroom. When he’s at my parents’ he can be found swimming, doing chores inside and outside the house with his Mimi, or doing around the shop building with his Pappou. He loves to feed the animals with his grand daddy and play with his cousins whenever we have a family gather at Neil’s parents house.

He still adores his little sister but lately he’s taken to bossing her around and taking toys away from her – you know, older sibling stuff. Otherwise, they play so well together and even without her, Graeme plays so well alone. It definitely makes my day go better having him around. My and Neil’s whole life, in fact, has been made better by this boy of ours.