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Analiese & Josh

March 25, 2019

A White Blossom Pear Tree Spring Family Anniversary Session in Paducah Kentucky

It’s never too late to have anniversary portraits taken! For example, Analiese & Josh were married in 2015 and have since have a son – sweet Max! They drove down from Ohio for their session with me and of course brought Max along, and OF COURSE I just had to include him some of their portraits! He is part of their story now 😍

It was such a joy to not only see Analiese & Josh again but to spend time with them, Max, and have them in front of my camera again! When I think of couples who I would be heart sore to never work with again, I think of these two! And even though they’ve moved away and have started a family, I’m glad that they made time for themselves to have these anniversary portraits taken but also honored that they were willing to make sure I was the one to do it for them.