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Graeme, You’re 2 years old

May 29, 2017


You turned 2 years old on April 1st, 2017 – a Saturday. It was a busy day. While we tried to let you know that that exact day was your birthday, it was hard for you to grasp. Partially because you’re only 2, and also because we were celebrating your God brother’s 3rd birthday that day with a party out of town. We spent the morning playing with you but when it was near time for your nap, we loaded up the car and began our 1.5 hour drive to said birthday party. You had a blast!!! When it was time to leave for home, which was followed by bedtime, you didn’t want to go and I didn’t want to make you. You should have everything the way you want it on your birthday after all! But being the sleep consultant and responsible mom that I am, we arrived home only 30 minutes past your regular schedule bedtime routine time but past out from exhaustion and excitement without much of a peep. We knew the next day would be just as tiring.

We woke Sunday and with your God siblings and their parents in tow, we headed to our favorite place – the perfect place to start your birthday celebration day – Etcetera, the local coffeehouse! We ate brunch, you and your God siblings and friends played outside, and once again, you didn’t want to leave when it was time. That’s a recurring thing with you right now.

Nap time was productive for both you and your God brother, while your mommy and God sister and her mommy left the dads to complete party set up at Mimi’s house. There was still so much to do! Come party time, we welcomed close to 30 parents and children who all came to help ring in your new year! I’d like to think that everyone had a good time but most importantly, I know you did!

So you’re 2 years old. Man, this past year has flown by! Since your 16 month old blog post back in August you have started talking and now talk more than most 3 year old (I’ve been told by many people). I attribute a lot of your advantage development to your awesome sleep hygiene. You sleep 12-13 uninterrupted hours every night and nap 1.5-2.5 hours every day. I’m only bragging because even though you won’t remember it, we worked super hard on your sleep since you were less than a year old!

You’re incredibly smart and most of the time you’re kind but you’re also kind of a butt. Hey, just being honest. You hit your pups sometimes and hit your friends when you don’t get your way. Your best friend is Milo and it seems you are also his best friend, although I don’t know why because he would be the friend you hit more than all your other friends combined. Poor Milo!

But you’re so so sweet to your momma! We’re no longer nursing, even before bedtime, and while that was emotionally difficult for me, with daddy’s help, you handled weaning well. I think 24 months is an admirable nursing relationship and I’m blown away that we were able to maintain it for so long. You still require me to put you down for naps and bed if I’m home. Sure daddy is more fun, but I’m still your momma. I don’t think I’ll ever get over that!

Around January you stopped attending the mother’s day out program and are now only being kept by your Mimi and your nanny LuGene a few days during the week. Wedding season has only now begun, so before that, most weekend were spent with me. Daddy is crazy busy renovating the house so I take you to see him work there whenever we can. You LOVE helping daddy work!

Not only are you advanced with your speech and speech recognition, but we’re banking on a full golf scholarship! If you only had two toys – your toy golf club and ball and your toy push lawn mower – you’d be completely happy. When you’re not swing your toy golf club and hitting the toy golf ball, you’re pushing your push mower around: the house, the yard, anywhere! And you will push it for hours. No exaggeration. It’s pretty much the only way I can get anything done around the house.

But you still won’t let me actually work at home so I have to leave your in the very trust worthy and capable hands of your Mimi at her house or your nanny LuGene at our house. You love them both so much and hardly miss me when I’m gone. It took me a while, but I’m finally OK with it. You still want me and only me when you’re hurt. You come to me and show me what hurts and say, “Kiss it momma”. And I do. And I always will.