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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

November 27, 2014


I did all my cooking (two pies, no big deal) last night so that Neil and I could eat Thanksgiving breakfast at Cracker Barrel this morning with his family. It will be a relaxed, light (for us anyway) meal so it won’t overshadow our real Thanksgiving dinner that we’ll have with Neil’s family on Sunday. Every year since before I can remember, and probably until she passes the torch over to me, my mom has hosted Thanksgiving dinner at her house around noon on Thanksgiving Day. Lunch today will be no different and I love the stability in that.

I pray that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with your friends, your family, or whoever you have to be with today. If you’re working, I pray the day goes smoothly for you and that someone at least saves you a piece of whatever pie you like. And for all those service men and women away from home defending our country, I pray that you remember that while those at home might be eating without you, you are the only thing on their minds and they are missing you terribly and loving you fiercely.