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Sew Southern Designs’ Frozen Event!

November 27, 2014

Saturday was my dad’s 61st birthday! Happy birthday daddy! He’s not big into celebrating so he and Neil spent most of the day working at his hunting farm but later that evening, he, my mom, Neil, and myself all went to see Interstellar. Neil and I had been waiting for it to come out in theaters, but when my dad mentioned seeing it too, we thought that might be a perfect birthday outing! I don’t want to give any spoilers but it blew my mind, in a good way I think?

Saturday, while dad and Neil were working at the hunting farm, in preparation for tomorrow’s opening season of duck hunting, I was spending my afternoon photographing a Frozen Event!

My dear friend Jenna owns a lovely boutique in our hometown, Sew Southern Designs, selling women’s and children’s clothing and nicknacks for the home. OH and she sews and embroiders anything and everything in her store! She has three young children of her own and after going to a birthday party where the characters Elsa, Anna, and Olaf from Disney’s Frozen were in attendance, she knew what her store’s next big event had to be: A Frozen Event!


I worked with her last spring, doing Easter mini sessions in her first store, and was delighted to work with her again in her new and bigger store! She had created a portrait backdrop in a corner of her store for the portraits with the characters, but the rest of the store was fair game for the other activities she had planned for the children. Four separate groupings of children, ranging from 12-20 kids in each, arrived at their appointed times and the fun began!


As the children arrived, they were instructed to start coloring their Frozen coloring page that they would later have Elsa, Anna, and Olaf sign. Then Anna and Olaf appeared, welcomed the group, and directed them the area near the portrait backdrop. She sang the beginning of her first song in the movie: Do You Want to Build a Snowman? to Elsa, who was behind a nearby door. After the first verse, when Elsa didn’t come out, Anna encouraged the children to help her sing LOUDER to coax her out. And so they sang the second verse and what do you know, here came Elsa! Excitement grew when Elsa asked the group to sing Let It Go with her! The children’s little voices just warmed my heart, and I couldn’t help but sing along!


After the singing, it was time for the characters to sign the coloring pages, and whatever else the children brought to be signed, and for portraits. It was such a wonderful, adorable day! I look forward to Sew Southern Designs’ next Frozen Event in January!