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Home Sweet Home

August 15, 2012

Neil and I have bought a house!

The house was built around 40 years ago, has been updated, has a good size front and back yard with an awesome deck, and is in a quiet neighborhood that’s centrally located to anything and everything. It’s seriously the perfect starter home for us.

We started house hunting in April, saw close to 20 houses, fell in “like” with one only to have the inspection go horribly. When we moved back to Paducah in May I spent the first couple of weeks focusing on studying for my nursing boards so we didn’t pick back up on house hunting. The afternoon after I took my boards my parents told me that my cousin (forth cousin, that is) was thinking about selling her house as her, her husband, and their two children were starting to outgrow their current house. I was able to go see the house that evening with my dad and I immediately fell in love with it. LOVE I tell you! A few days later I took Neil to see it and he too loved it. The following day we put an offer in and they accepted it later that evening.

Because it’s a private sale my dad helped me draw up a contract that I had them sign a couple days later, which we took to the bank and well, the rest is history! The appraisal showed we were getting what we offered to pay, the inspection turned out great, and now we’re just waiting for our closing date (tomorrow!!!) and our possession date (Aug 27th). We have a little work ahead of us once we take possession so we probably won’t move in until the following weekend BUT either way, we’re seriously excited!!


  1. Erica says:

    that’s so exciting. It’s weird, it seems like everyone is buying homes now. I did, my best friend did, you and some other people I know. Must be a good market. lol