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How about an update? {the life edition}

December 1, 2012


I read something the other day, on another photographers twitter account, that a big thing for other photographers and potential clients is to know who they’re working with – yea I’m a photographer, but who am I? My “about” insert gives readers the basics but things change in a matter of months (weeks, even) so in order to organize and diversify my blog a little, I’m starting a monthly blog series: How About An Update? Today’s blog will be an insight to my life.

These bullets are, in no way, in any particular order:

– I have two miniature dachshunds. Aly, who has had her ups and downs with back problems and has had several acupuncture interventions, is doing just fine. Benny, who has never given us much trouble other than a few random seizure-like things, has recently been diagnosed with epilepsy AND mild liver disease. The epilepsy: we saw that coming from miles away. But the liver disease: we’re hoping it’s just a fatty liver that he’s developed from lack of exercise as of late, which would make sense because we’ve yet to install the invisible fence in our new yard and thus, the pups only stay outside long enough to “go potty”. He’s taking two meds for the liver and one for the epilepsy. We’re crossing our fingers that both get under control. In the mean time, both Aly and Benny are staying at my parents’ house during the day while I’m at work and while Neil’s at home asleep. That way someone will be there to monitor for seizure activity AND the pups will be able to run outside to their hearts content.

– Due to either stress or lack of time to eat during my last semester of nursing school, I somehow managed to lose a little weight last spring and was pretty happy with my appearance, until recently… Why have I started to gain weight? That’s a good question, considering my job keeps me active. Whatever the reason, it’s happening and I need to get control of it now before I am in need of a few new larger size jeans. The other night I went to Zumba at my place of work, led by one of my co workers. I’ve been a few times but they just recently changed the time of the meet to right when I get off work. I have no excuse not to go every Monday and Wednesday. I mean, I’m already here! I’d like to start swimming somewhere, so I’ll be on the look out for that too.

– If you didn’t know, I am a full time nurse in surgery. I graduated last May with my associates degree but I have aspirations to be more than just an RN (that is, unless my photography career takes over!). So, I started my bachelors degree in October – it’s keeping me insanely busy. If all goes according to plan, I’ll graduate with my bachelors in May of 2014 at least there’s a light at the end of the VERY long tunnel :/

– And last but not least! We’ve been in our new-to-us home for almost 3 months now. Yes, we’re all moved in, but no, not all of our boxes are unpacked. Mostly because the content of said boxes don’t have homes yet. We’re working on that as we speak: you should SEE our master closet – or what should be our closet :/ Next on the reno list? The hall bathroom! And then MAYBE we’ll start work on my office area off of the kitchen. Then, most of those still-packed-up boxes will get unpacked!