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Eva & Adam

December 1, 2012

I was so stoked to photograph my first completely outdoor wedding ceremony, so when I found out two days before the wedding that it was suppose to rain…like pour the entire day…I became worried. I knew that Eva had planned to have the reception site do double duty, but again, I was so excited about it being outdoors and I knew how much Eva wanted it to be outdoors. You can imagine how elated everyone was when that day turned out to be absolutely gorgeous outside. In fact, it was just slightly cloudy right up until halfway through the reception, which is then when it decided to storm like mad. I’m talking power out and everything. Even though my time was about over with, the power outage didn’t stop the party from partying on…nothing a pick-up truck, blasting jammin’ music from its stereo system, pulled up to the front door of the reception hall couldn’t fix! Not only was this wedding loads of fun, it was beautiful!