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I got nothing

December 21, 2010


Lately I’ve been writing my blog posts a night or two before they’re actually schedule to post. I’ve been on sort of a blog writing roll so when I had ideas or content, I would use it and then wouldn’t have to worry about blogging every single day, like I’ve planned to do for December. However, when I sat down to write this blog post (Monday night) I found that nothing came to me. I decided to jump on the elliptical and run for a bit, and brainstorm for Tuesday’s blog post. Now it is actually Tuesday (12:11 am) and here I sit, still with nothing to write about. Other than this paragraph on how I have nothing to write about, that is.

So, instead, please enjoy a few pictures from my sister in law Kelly’s welcome home party that occurred Friday night, aka more pictures of Kolton. Hey, I can’t help it! Little Man is adorable AND he’s my nephew! An aunt is allowed.

The above photo wasn’t taken by me, but by my father in law with his phone camera.

Ah look! There’s Kelly!

In totally unrelated news: I have finally have a formspring! Go on! Ask me anything!


  1. Tamela says:

    He sure is a cutie! I can’t wait to see him in that tie shirt you got!