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I’m Sorry. Here’s an update!

March 7, 2011

Well hello there! Sorry I’ve been absent lately. Life, ya know? I won’t bore you with the same ol’ same ol’: nursing school, being a wife, keeping a home, having family in a different town, yadda yadda. I know you’re heard it all before. When I’m not in class I’m either in clinicals or in Paducah with family. We’ve only been home long enough to sleep there at night. We’re using WAY too much gas for just two people.

So what happened this past weekend and what’s happening this week?

Friday was our last day of school before spring break. After class Lorena and I ran to Paducah to drop off some clothes at the consignment store and then had lunch at my fav local pizza place, The Parlor. Back to the lake house we drove to take an online test. She left for home about the same time Neil left for work so I spent the evening catching up on my DVR. Neil came home, we went to sleep (or DID we????) Insert throat clearing here.

Saturday morning Lorena picked me up at the lake house and we headed to Louisville for the day. She bought her car from a dealer there back in August and something about programing a key. Whatever. We’d been planning this trip for a month so I was just thankful she needed to shop as badly as I did. We had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory at St. Matthew’s and then started our 4 hour shopping extravaganza! We spent an hour in different stores throughout the mall but left plenty of time for the main event: Forever 21.

Y’all. If you’ve never been there: OMG. According to the website, it’s the biggest store yet. Their Wiki page mentions the biggest being 94,000 square feet in Bakersfield California. The St. Matthew’s F21 is 109,000 square feet. That’s close to the size of the average Wal-Mart Superstore, to put it in perspective. It has two stories with its own escalator and elevator; 4 giant dressing rooms, two on each floor; 6 register stations, 3 on each floor; and the most clothes I’ve ever seen. After 4 hours we were just plain tired – of everything. Our backs hurt, our feet hurt, shoot, even our eyes hurt! The first two hours we gave it a good go. We looked at every rack, contemplated every top, dress, and pants. By the third hour we were just roaming around. We only spent one hour on the second floor, just roaming around, until we just couldn’t take it any longer. We both set a budget for ourselves and due to the overwhelming amount of items in the store, we both came out under budget! I’ve come to the conclusion that I can never go to that store again. Sensory overload. I think the Nashville store will do just fine.

We ended the day with dinner at McDonalds (because we’d already spent too much money) and dessert at Ce Fiore. If you’re ever around a Ce Fiore, I suggest you go. Best frozen yogurt ever. The rest of the day was uneventful. We drove home, she dropped me off, I spent the rest of the night cuddling with Neil and watching TV.

We intended on getting up early enough for Sunday School yesterday BUT I love sleep. We snoozed for an hour and made it to Paducah in time for big church (does everyone call it “big church” like people in the south do?). We had lunch with Clint, Kelly, and Kolton at McAllister’s and then made our way to Amy and Tim‘s bridal shower. Other than the normal bridal shower happenings, it was pretty uneventful. It was really nice to spend time with family, tho. I wasted away the rest of the afternoon at home with mom and dad while Neil worked on his truck at his parents’. I joined him there for a family dinner and we all just hung out for the night, playing with Kolton and chatting.

This morning Neil and I met with Tim to talk “business” (more on that later, maybe) and had lunch at The Parlor. How many times can I eat there in a 4 day period? Seriously, tho, it’s the best! We then departed from Tim and did a little spring/summer clothes shopping for Neil at the mall. I spent almost half of my spring/summer clothes budget Saturday and apparently that means Neil had to spend ALL of his today. I don’t care really, just making an observation. He only bought golf clothes but that’s all he wears really so whatever. He does still need a new pair of khakis, tho. Hmmm.

As I write this, Neil is golfing with Tim and I am sitting at my parents’ waiting for dinner time. My dad is taking me and Neil out since my mom will be at her weekly quilting class. Cute, huh? Afterward, Neil and I are seeing a movie. Not sure which movie yet, but it doesn’t matter. I just like spending time with the hubby 🙂

We’ll spend the night here again so Neil can work on his truck with his dad more tomorrow. I will definitely be happy once he’s done with it. He’s been working on it since he wrecked it, which was almost 3 months ago! Hopefully we’ll go home soon after that. I love being in Paducah but I have so many things to get done this week, I need to take full advantage of my spring break and do some spring cleaning. Oh joy. Thursday I’m getting my hair trimmed. Or cut. What do you think?

Here’s my hair now. I’ve been thinking I’d like to just get it trimmed and maybe work on growing out. It’s the longest it’s been since I chopped it off in 8th grade. Or I could get it cut again?

Maybe not exactly like this, because Neil doesn’t want me to have bangs again, but something similar.


  1. Tamela says:

    I freaking love Forever 21. Though that store does seem very very intimidating. Maybe I should wait until I can afford to have a clothes budget!! Oh and I would like to loose like 15 more lbs before clothes shopping. So many constraints! ahhh! Maybe its for the best because I do love that store!

  2. Tamela says:

    Oh did I mention I love that store? 😉

    LOVE!!! (okay i’m done now)

  3. Mel says:

    Our F21 is teeny tiny compared to THAT! I didn’t even know they sold that much variety!! They DO have a lot online though. (But I actually love Charlotte Russe for much better…)

  4. Kat says:

    Oooh but I love your hair soo much in that last picture!! It’s so pretty! <3

  5. Really cute pics! I love green on you! 🙂


    P.S: I’m giving away a $500 FOLEY + CORINNA bag for my blog’s Birthday! Would love to see you joining the fun! 😀