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Anna & Tyler

June 18, 2019

An Intimate Country Vineyard Wedding in Paducah, KY

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I scroll through other photographer’s wedding blog posts, you see pretty pictures and gorgeous couples, but you don’t really feel like you KNOW them. I’m thankful for couples who turn into friends and who allow us into their lives. We may only share one full day together but always leave feeling like we have made friends and have shared in a small but meaningful part of our client’s special day!! Unlike most couples, with Anna & Tyler, I was able to spend their proposal with them, their Christmas portraits with them, their engagement session with them, AND a surprise boudoir session with Anna right before the wedding day. Can you guys how many of those session their dogs were in??? Ok it was just one (the Christmas session) but I just knew they’d be included in the wedding day – and most of you know I’m a huge dog person! It truly is a dream job!

This doesn’t happen at every wedding that we photograph, but I love it when the toasts end and I feel like I have a deeper understanding of who are bride and groom are. Anna 3 best friends from the different stages of her life and Tyler’s best friend from college shared beautiful and hilarious memories of the two of them that allowed me to feel like I knew them better. I learned that Anna and her best man were in a terrible car accident several years ago and that brought them even closer to walk through the healing journey together. I learned that Anna is one of the most generous people in practically every single one of the lives of the people that know her. I learned that she and Tyler met at a gym and it took her a full week from when he asked her out to when she eventually said yes. And I learned that Tyler had quite the random and fun time in school with his groomsmen! But also that he has been a dependable person in all of these mens’ lives and that they were more than happy to stand by his side as he marries his soul mate.

It’s sad to say but this is our last wedding for a little while – We’ll pick back up in August! And in the meantime I’ll be catching up on blogging 2018 weddings that I was unable to blog last year. I think this wedding is a great one to end on before I press pause on my 2019 wedding season…

Anna & Tyler, Congratulations!!!!!! We couldn’t be more excited for you two!!! Enjoy your wedding day from our perspective!