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Shelby & Nic

June 26, 2019

Pedestrian Bridge and Love Circle Nashville Tennessee Skyline Engagement Sessions

Two separate engagement sessions? Yeah kind of! So Shelby & Nic have been together for almost 3 years, most of that time living apart from each other. Shelby lives and works in Nashville while Nic lives and works in Clarksville due to him being in active duty military. Shelby heard of me from one of my past bride’s who is now a friend, current portrait client, and she stocks half of Georgia’s closet with adorable handmade clothing (shameless plug for Willow Kate Creations!!) but I digress….

So when Shelby called me to start the process of being her destination wedding photographer (yay!) I was over the moon! We chatted over the phone for over an hour and by the end of it, even thought she hadn’t for sure said she wanted to book me, I had a great feeling. Fast forward to their first engagement session when I didn’t have a great feeling about it… the weather that is. But, as I told Shelby on the phone the day before, I’d rather drive from Paducah to Nashville to only get to shoot for an hour than not come and the rain end up going around Nashville and not raining at all. Because that would be my luck honestly!

So I get down the Nashville and we literally had 10 minutes before it started to sprinkle on us. But I brought clear umbrellas!! We shot with said umbrellas until the rain stopped, then we shot without the umbrellas until it started raining again, and then it didn’t stop raining and Lordy, I was soaked! But it was worth it and in fact, the rain made shooting in that location better! In order to photograph the Nashville Skyline and have it accurately exposed AND correctly expose for Shelby & Nic, I NEEDED that overcast sky. I needed almost zero sun. And the rain just made it necessary to have umbrellas which in my opinion really made some of the shots!

The second location we’d chosen was Love Circle, which was not something any of us wanted to do in the rain. We decided to pick back up exactly where we left off the following week and thankfully the weather really showed out for us that evening! We had a few clouds, which gave the evening sky during sunset some interest but otherwise it was a warm and gorgeous sunny day! Because we started later in the evening that we had the week before, we were able to get some gorgeous summer greenery foliage images with the sun streaming through in the background. That was super important to Shelby and you all know it’s super important to me! And then we waited until sunset to grab that gorgeous Nashville Skyline in their background and honestly, know one could have asked for a better sky! We got the best of both worlds in both locations and I’d say, mission accomplished! Next up, their May wedding in Destin Florida! Bring on the beach!