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It’s a good kind of hurt

May 22, 2011

This is sad but I’m going to admit to you something. I have been more active in the past three days than I’ve been since school ended the first week of May. Pathetic? Oh yea.

Thursday night, after writing Friday’s Pinterest entry, I went ahead and tried the 100 workout.

– 100 jumping jacks – started getting winded around 60 but pushed on
– 90 crunches – had to stop at 50, then did 20 and stopped again, and then finished with 30 more.
– 80 squats – this wasn’t hard at all really
– 70 leg lifts – yea, this one was a doozy; after 30 I could only to do as a time
– 60 jumping jacks – got winded around 50 so not a big deal
– 50 crunches – did 30 and rested before doing 30 more
– 40 squats – yet again, easy
– 30 leg lifts – did 15 and 15
– 20 jumping jacks – easy peasy lemon squeezy
– instead of doing 10 minutes of running place I did 10 minutes of free weight lifting; my arms need toning too!

I definitely felt it the next morning, in my abs more than anything. Friday afternoon I drove to Ft Campbell to go to zumba on post with Lorena, like we use to do all the time. But we hadn’t been in a long time, since January I think, so Friday night was ROUGH! But great. I really miss doing zumba. We’re going to try to go once or maybe twice a week during the summer break.

Last night I second shot a wedding in Nashville with the lovely Stephanie Reeder. We were on our feet, taking pictures, from 1:30pm to 10pm. It was a LONG day. The couple was great to work with, the family was nice, the ceremony was beautiful, the food was amazing, and the party was fun and at some times hilarious! I can’t WAIT to start editing because I know I got some great dance pictures. After last night I am SORE beyond sore. My feet, back, shoulders, legs. OY. But I know that it was all worth it!


  1. Tamela says:

    Man, that workout looks intense. Maybe I need to try this one too. So far I haven’t been motivated to hit the gym again. So this might work to to help get me back into shape.

  2. Pam says:

    I like that 100 workout thingy. I might try it on days I don’t run. Go you!!!

  3. Leanne says:

    That’s good though!!!

    How long did it take you to do the 100 work out? And I *need* to join Zumba in September. I’ve heard so many good things about it and have always wanted to try!

    PS, happy editing 😀