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It’s late and I am tired

April 23, 2011

I know it’s almost Sunday but I’m bored, waiting on Neil to get to my parents’ house with my over night stuff. You see, I was in Murray ALL DAY LONG. From 10:30am – 4:00pm (with a 1.5 hour lunch break) I did 5 sessions: 3 children sessions, 1 group session, and 1 family session. Holy moly. I was worn out by the end of it all and then I still had to take pictures of Emmy’s dance company right before their spring recital. I was happy to do it but now I know I shouldn’t do that many sessions back to back. However, I can’t wait to start post processing!

Neil had to work tonight so he is bringing my stuff and the dogs as we speak but dang, I am so tired, I wish I didn’t have to wait on him. And I’m only waiting on him because he has my contacts stuff, etc. I never ever sleep in my contacts. I use to, when I was younger, until one day when I woke up and couldn’t see. My eyes were SO bloodshot it was ridiculous. Like, no white, just red. It took 4 days before I was able to wear my contacts again. Not only did wearing my glasses that long suck but it was also painful. Oh yea. Lesson learned! DON’T sleep in your contacts!

Tomorrow is Resurrection Sunday. When I was younger, and celebrated Easter, I called it Easter. I think nowadays Easter is more geared toward children and hunting Easter eggs and eating chocolate bunnies, instead of what it should mean to us. I am too old for Easter egg hunting, although I’m really excited to watch my little nephew enjoy it tomorrow. I am now celebrating Easter for the reason it was meant to be celebrated: Jesus’ Resurrection. I don’t talk about religion much on here and I don’t plan on starting now but this topic is something I deeply believe in. After all, it is the fountain upon which Christianity was built. So, just as a head’s up: tomorrow’s post will be the Resurrection story, summarized. I hope you all return to read it, because it is so important.


  1. Pam says:

    WOW!! That is alot of photo shoots. but GO YOU!!!! I agree though, you should spread them out a bit. You don’t want to over do it.

    Easter (Resurrection Sunday) and Christmas are my favorite times of the year. Nerd but with all the lead up to it, all the music, the significance of it all – always gives me goose bumps during the sermon. Every time.

  2. Leanne says:

    I nap with my contacts in all of the time :X I know, super super bad.

    Personally, I called it Easter (I was raised as a Catholic but I don’t follow religion at all) but I hope you had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday 🙂