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Kolton’s Sneak Peek

April 17, 2012

I did my nephew Kolton’s 1 year portraits about a month late last year. We wanted to wait for a day that was warm enough for us all to be outside. This year his 2 year portraits were a little more than a month late, try over 3 months. But it was worth the wait to be able to shoot outside on a lovely spring day with the family’s tiny farm animals! Enjoy the sneak peek while I whip out the rest of the images! PLUS this session is only half over. We still have the second half to shoot because it started raining us. It’s just like Kentucky weather to shut down a portrait session 😉


  1. Keisha Snow says:

    They are sooooooooo good!! I want to order some!!

  2. Amy Richards says:

    Rachael… They are soo cute!! Makes it easy when your subject is perect! 🙂 Great job!