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Lagan & Landon

September 23, 2020

A Late Summer Meadowview Farm Engagement Session

Lagan & Landon met back in high school – he was the star basketball player for one school, she was the lead cheerleader for another. They both admit that they thought the other was cute but it’s unwritten rule to date someone from the rival team. Years later in college Lagan reached out to Landon but God was telling them both “not yet”. The following year “yet” finally came and Landon listened to God’s whisper to him to contact Lagan. Lagan listened to that gentle push and agreed to meet for coffee, “the way to (her) heart”!

Their courtship only lasted a year before Landon felt another nudge from God telling him that this was it, Lagan was the one. He surprised Lagan with a lake gathering of their family and friends and a proposal! Lagan recalls, “It was a moment I have prayed for what feels like forever!” And now they’re planning the most exciting day of their lives!

Lagan and I discussed several locations for their late summer engagement session, she wanted flowers but knew that might be hard to find since we were shooting in mid September. We landed on what seemed like the perfect location only for it to fall through an hour before their session was to start! Lagan was so disappointed but in true Type 1 self, I jumped into “fix it” mode and said Trust Me – meet me here! And not even halfway through their session we all agreed – Meadowview Farms was far better than the original plan!


  1. Carol West says:

    These are all so great of a precious couple. God bless this union as they grow old together.