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Lone Oak High School Senior, Class of 2013, Nick

May 20, 2013

This guy…. if I ever have a son, I hope and pray that he is as like this young man. Nick is apart of the last graduating class of Lone Oak High School, my alma mater, so this session was already dear to my heart. Next year all three county schools will be combined into one LARGE county school – the transition has been on a lot of our minds lately but Nick is busy thinking about his transition! Nick will attend University of Kentucky this fall AND band in the UK marching band! I was in marching band (color guard) too so again, loving this kid! He is also a genuinely good, polite, caring, generous Christian boy and you know how hard those are to come by. Oh and I did I mention handsome? Yea, he has that going for him too. Take a look!