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Jessica & Ben

May 17, 2013

The moment I get to the ceremony site is always a very exciting time for me. I immediately go to find the bride and hug her. After all, it’s been weeks since I last saw her, months since her engagement session, and gosh darn it, it’s her wedding day! I am ecstatic for her! Once that is taken care of, I can get to work. It always happens that way, even when I haven’t seen the bride. Ever. Like, Jessica’s wedding day is the first time we’ve physically met. Sure, our phone meetings were enough for me to know that she was my kind of bride but it’s totally different meeting face to face. Because neither Jessica or Ben lived near me or the area in which their wedding took place, phone chats are all we’d had. That first few moments when I got to Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church we extreme special for me because not only was I greeting my bride, but also meeting her. Hugs were definitely still given!