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Looking Ahead: April

March 28, 2015


April 2015 will be the best month of my life. You know how I know?

Because I’m having a baby!

There really isn’t anything else that could or would happen this morning that might top having a baby, but nonetheless, here’s a little look into my month of April:

+ HAVING A BABY! I know I mentioned it already, but I think it begs mentioning again. There’s nothing else going on in the month of April for me personally except cuddling my baby boy all the live long day <3
+ My 29th birthday. YUP, I'm turning 29 on the 28th. I'm not not excited about it but it's not really an exciting birthday. Plus, I having a freakin' baby and that totally tops everything!

+ My first wedding of 2015! April 25th begins my wedding season this year with a wedding about an hour outside of Paducah, in Murray. I'm very comfortable with the timeline the bride and I created, and with my dear friend Makenzie's help, it should be a smooth (and short) day. It will also be my first day away from my Little Guy, which makes me nervous but I know his daddy and Nana will take great care of him.
+ I have one design project going on and I pray that I'm able to finish it before I go into labor (cross your fingers!). I won't be working on any design projects during April but will pack right back up from where I left off in May. The three design clients on my waiting list know this so I'm not worried about it.