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Week 39

March 30, 2015


Soooo…. this is a picture from Saturday night. It embodies these last several weeks perfectly: Little Guy is ALWAYS on my right side, making me lop-sided. If I’m at home, I’m in my PJs and my feet are propped up so that they are elevated above my heart, and there’s usually food nearby. You’re welcome.

How Far Along: 39 weekend 1 day!

Weight Gain/Loss: Still sitting (not so) pretty at 60 pounds of weight gain.

Sleep: Have been waking up every 45 mins to an hour to pee the past week. Not much sleep in actually happening.

Best Moment This Week: This past week I had my very last OB appointment, my very first Pediatrician appointment (interview, etc), and Neil and I had our last woop-lah before Graeme comes – a Matthew West concert here in town Saturday night!

Movement: Little Guy has run out of room, and he’s letting me know it!

Food Cravings/Aversions: Still loving all the foods but mainly I’m really into cold/cool water. Gotta have it asap all the time!

What I Miss: I finally broke down last week and bought myself a pair of size 9 black flats that will go with almost any outfit PLUS they actually fit with all the swollen-ness! Pre-pregnancy shoe size = 7 1/2! So, needless to say, I really really really miss wearing my shoes. I have so many cute pairs. I just hope that I’m able to get back into some of them once the swelling goes down.

Stretch Marks: Yup, what I thought was stretch marks on the underside of my boobs are just that. Not surprised though. During the first trimester, my boobs grew more than a full cup size. Can’t wait for them to grow even more when my milk comes in, said no pregnant woman ever.

Belly Button: Still slightly concave but mostly flat.

Wedding Rings: Lately, even the ring my grandmother gave me it feeling snug. THANK GOD this is almost over!

Mood: I feel myself being a little “snappy” towards people I love. Sorry friends and family!! You don’t realize how being so gigantic can effect everything. I’m just a tad annoyed and frustrated, that’s all. Read the last sentence above, this is almost over!

Labor Signs: For the first time, I’m having actual contractions instead of just Braxton Hick’s! Pin prick like pressure of my cervix started over a week ago and happens periodically throughout the day, every day. Sometimes, it’s just annoying, sometimes it actually hurts. Last Wednesday, while at a friend’s house for dinner and MSU game, I was having almost constant but irregular contractions. Not too painful, just there and annoying. They went away when I finally got to sleep later that night. Thursday, nothing. TMI alert!!! Friday, diarrhea three times, slow and sporadic contractions throughout the day. Saturday, diarrhea 3 times, more cervical pressure. Sunday, diarrhea a couple times but no contractions.

Milestones: Last full week of “freedom”!

Upcoming Appointments/Events: Upcoming event would be having a baby!!!

What I look forward to: Breastfeeding my baby boy. I’ve been dreaming about it the last few nights <3

Weekly Wisdom: So there's this thing that postpartum (3 months post and up) women experience called pregnancy amnesia. Or at least, that's what I'm calling it. It's when brand new or experienced mamas forget all of the bad things about pregnancy, or even how annoying other pregnancy amnesia women were when they were pregnant. And they ask you questions like "How are you feeling/doing???" when the answer should be completely obvious. I'm feeling 39 freakin weeks pregnant, how do you think I'm feeling/doing? Like, don't you remember how it was? Don't get me wrong, I'm being asked by all kinds of people, men included, and it doesn't bother me when they ask, because I know they have no clue. But LADIES. PLEASE. If you've been through it, it's safe to assume that I/other pregnant women like me am/are experiencing the same things so please don't ask that annoying question. Between weeks 35 and 40, it all feels like crap. Crap, crap, and more crap. See, I told you I'm feeling snappy lately.


  1. Melissa List says:

    You’ll get back into your old shoes eventually! I went up a size from swelling and bone expansion but now that Avery is almost 2, I’m completely back in my old shoes, no problem.