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Looking Ahead: February

February 6, 2015

Snow Day | Ft. Wayne Indiana | Rachael Houser Photography

I had every intention of blogging this on the last Friday of January BUT honestly, I forgot. Haha. Whoops. Ironic considering a couple weeks ago I blogged about my blog calendar and how it keeps me organized. I have no excuse except that I forgot to even schedule it! But, instead of just not blogging it at all I decided to blog it today. It’s still the beginning of February so it still counts 😉

+ Trip to Ft. Wayne – Two to three times a year we travel up north to Ft. Wayne Indiana to visit with my and Neil’s best friends, Megan & Bryan, and their two children. This time last year we drove up in a snow storm but this time, we left early because of a snow storm. See image above 🙂
+ Baby Showers – This coming Sunday afternoon is our first baby shower! It’s being hosted for my dad’s side of the family. Next Sunday is our church/the Houser family baby shower, and the Sunday following is my home church baby shower! I’ve been answering the question, So are you ready for him to be here, with NO because we don’t have much at all for him yet. After February, I know I won’t feel unprepared anymore!

+ Photography – I have 4 portrait sessions scheduled for February and I’m not booking anymore for February or March so that number shouldn’t change.
+ Design – I’m at the end of one design project and in the middle of another. Once those are both complete, I’ll begin the last project for February. I am thoroughly enjoying designing again and I can’t wait to start sharing what I’ve been working on!

+ Pursuit Paducah – Our February Gathering was this past Monday night. It was simply delightful and you should read all about it! Are you a female Christian creative entrepreneur in the Western Kentucky area? You should email me!
+ Help Portrait – Annually held in December, the closest Help Portrait is in Murray Kentucky and my good friend and photographer Makenzie or Makenzie Lynn Photography has head it up the past couple of years in February. I was unable to assist last year but am excited that several of the Pursuit Paducah ladies are assisting this year!