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Megan’s Maternity Session

August 8, 2011

Megan and I have been best friend since early 2006, when we met in a college chemistry class. Little did I know that sitting next to this adorable girl meant finding a friend for life. Later that year, when Neil and I got engaged, I asked her to stand with me as my maid of honor. A few years later, I stood next to her as her matron of honor. Her husband and Neil are best friends as well so even though we haven’t lived in the same town since 2008 (for a two year period there was actually 4 hours separating us) it’s never hard to convince each other to come for a visit. Via texts or phone calls, we remind each other daily that we are still very close at heart.

In September, Megan and Bryan will welcome their first child, a baby girl named Madison, into the world. I’m probably way more excited about this than I should be but then I remember, Megan is like a sister to me and her baby girl will be like a niece. I really cannot wait to meet little Madison and I’m so thrilled that I was able to share this special moment with my best friend.

Now, a little about this session. Y’all, it was hot. And there were bugs. And sweat and bugs do not equal fun times. We both wanted more outside pictures but I was really uncomfortable so I can only imagine how Megan must have felt. There was also literally no breeze whatsoever. She didn’t complain a bit, tho! That’s just the kind of best friend I have <3 She has the makings of a great mother!

We borrowed Bryan’s hands for a couple shots. He pretty much steered clear of my camera that day 😉