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Menu Plan Monday 1/10-1/16

January 10, 2011

I sat down to write this post Saturday night. Then, I was planning on cooking three nights this week. I probably still will, seeing as not only do I have to eat dinner at home every night this week but also I’ll need food to take to school since we can’t leave campus during our lunch break. OK, just writing that sentence made it clear that I do need to cook those three meals this week and just deal with the fact that I’ll be eating them alone every night. Tis a sad reminder.


  • Lunch: Before I leave for class I’ll eat left overs from last night at the Oasis.
  • Dinner: Deep South Shrimp & Rice – I’m changing the recipe a tad; not adding sausage, and placing it on a bed of dirty rice. As the vegetable, I’ll have corn.


  • Lunch: I’ll take left over Deep South Shrimp & Rice from the night before to school.
  • Dinner: It’ll be a long day at school so I’ll just throw a Fried Chicken Broccoli Bake from the frozen foods aisle in the oven when I get home.


  • Lunch: More left over Deep South Shrimp & Rice.
  • Dinner: Again, hopefully I’ll be eating the last of the Deep South Shrimp & Rice from Monday night.

Thursday: Neil’s off work!

Friday: Neil’s off work!

  • Lunch: I’ll be at school so I’ll eat left overs from the night before. Neil will eat cereal probably.
  • Dinner: My mom’s White Chili recipe. She made it up the other night while I was staying in Paducah and man oh man was it good! I can’t wait to make it for Neil. Recipe and pictures to come for sure!

Saturday and Sunday: I’ll just snack around both days. Neil will be at work and I’ll be studying so there’s no need to cook. Because of that I might be tempted to devour the left over White Chili but hopefully there will be enough for my lunch come Monday…


  1. Pam says:

    Both those recipes sound nummy. I’m going to have to try them out next week. Thanks for sharing!!

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