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Morgan & Andrew

June 27, 2017

Morgan & Andrew went to school with each other from elementary to middle to high school… even college! To say they know each other well is an understatement! Yet it took Andrew 7 years to finally break Morgan down and convince her to go on a date with him… poor guy! They say when you know, you know, and Andrew knew! But it didn’t take Morgan long to catch up. Once they began dating, there was never a question. They knew one day they’d be married.

And that day isn’t far away! Morgan contacted me before Andrew had even proposed this past December, wanting a list of my available dates. Once she had the ring, she felt comfortable in setting the date and I was officially theirs! November can’t get here soon enough! In fact, Morgan & Andrew had even played with the idea of moving their date up but since everything was pretty much set in stone, it would have been too difficult. It is my hope that their engagement session would help hold them over.

We met at Murray State’s infamous Quad to start their session off. MSU is very special to both of them – it’s where they’ve spent most of their lives these past several years. And it is a beautiful campus! We finished the evening off at MSU’s Arboretum were they both worked as Ag majors. All the spring flowers were in bloom…. Ah! The whole day was just lovely!