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Arella & Price

July 18, 2017

A First Baptist Church of Paducah and Walker Hall Wedding | Paducah, Kentucky

Arella & Price’s two baby bundles of joy were freshly born when Arella text me about photographing their wedding. They were already engaged and intending on getting married before their happy surprise but decided to postpone the wedding until the twins were closer to 6 months old to make everything a tad easier on them. Smart for sure! And of course we were then able to get some adorable pictures of the girls!!! I just love babies so I was more than happy to do it – and then later, followed the babies around the dance floor as they “partied” the night away – until bedtime that is!

I couldn’t get enough of this wedding for many reasons: Arella is the sister of a past bride so I already was in love with their whole family, their momma had recently had a heart transplant and was healthy and happy to be there for her daughter, Price’s reaction to seeing Arella for the first time walking down the aisle toward him (all the heart eyes!!!), the many adoring glances both Arella & Price gave their girls throughout the ceremony… But maybe my favorite thing was the way Price looked at Arella every chance he got – the same look every time and I about died each time because it was so fully of adoration and love! They are each other’s perfect match and I couldn’t be happier for them that they not only found each other, but that they were able to stay together through so many trying times and come out on the other side even stronger and more in love!