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Morgan & Ethan

August 1, 2017

A Shelby Farms Park Wedding | Memphis, Tennessee

After their engagement session, I knew exactly where I planned to take Morgan & Ethan for their bride & groom portraits on their wedding day – a benefit of shooting one of their engagement outfits at their wedding day venue and the surrounding area! So that was one task I was able to check off my to-do list for when I arrived at Shelby Farms Park that say. Next up, wedding party and family portraits location – the sun was high in the sky so I needed plenty of shade (large groupings) and a pretty background too! I ended up choosing the front of the venue building because of the giant windows that had shades covering on the inside and the reflected outside a hill of talks trees. I was thrilled! Also, it meant I would stand my subjects on the off white sidewalk – natural light reflector for their faces! Win!

I could go on and on about their venue location but what really stood out to me and Neil that day was:

Morgan’s smile! It covers her face in the most flattering way and you instantly know exactly how she feels! I already knew this about Morgan but Neil didn’t and therefore, commented on it right off. “She has such a great infectious smile”! Yes, I KNOW! And it only made their portraits that much better! So, how did she feel alllll day long on her wedding day – as most people expect a bride to feel – overjoyed!

Morgan & Ethan shared a private first look. As in, even I wasn’t allowed in the room to photograph it! To say I was confused by this plan when Morgan first told me of it a month before the wedding would be an understatement. I’ve never even heard of a first look where it wasn’t photographed. BUT after they exited their ceremony room having already done their first look in complete privacy, I was no longer bothered by it. They wanted a first look so that they would be able to share that time to get their nerves out of the way together, alone. They didn’t need it documented. They just needed it for themselves. And I totally get it now!