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Morgan’s Boudoir Session

April 1, 2012

I’ve done a few boudoir sessions in my day but never have I had a client comfortable with me showing a few of her portraits on the blog. It’s great for two reasons. One, because I love this session! And two, because it gets the word out there that I’m available for boudoir.

Morgan was my March 24th bride and because they live in California they weren’t able to make it out in time for an engagement session. I offer the engagement session in every one of my wedding packages so we substituted in the boudoir session, which I took the day before her wedding.

The session took place in her hotel suite at the Griffin Gate Marriott Golf Resort in Lexington. Neil and I were also staying there because the wedding reception was to be held there so it was super convenient for me to just walk up a flight of stairs and down the hall to her room. I was lucky to have two of Morgan’s bridesmaids and her mother there to help out since the it was overcast and then raining for most of the session. Neil usually helps out and hold my reflector for me during weddings but I didn’t feel it was appropriate to have him assist during this session. The girls did a great job, though, and I think the pictures turn out very well.

Morgan, however, was the star. I can’t remember how calm I was (or how much of a tizzy I was in) the day before my wedding but I doubt I felt at ease enough to take 2 1/2 hours out of my afternoon to pose half naked in my bed. I never felt rushed and the girls worked so well with me. After the session was over I rushed down to my hotel room to start working on the pictures because I was so excited. This session simply rocked!


  1. Morgan says:

    I loved taking these!! And they are amazing!!! You were so easy to work with!! If anyone is thinking about having them done, Rachael is the go to person!!!! Love them! Thanks!