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Must Have Baby Gear: 0-3 Months

July 27, 2015

There are two thought processes when it comes to whether or not you should register or purchase something for a baby, fulling knowing that said baby won’t use it for long.

First thought process: Whatever makes baby happy, even if just for a little while, is definitely worth the cost.

Second thought process: Baby stuff can be expensive so why spend money on something they’ll only use a month and then never need or want again?

Being a first time momma, and new to everything baby, of course I maintained the first thought process – Just keep baby from crying! Now that I’m almost 4 months into this thing called mommy-hood, I know better. Now, when I’m shopping for Graeme, I consider the cost of something as well as how long he’ll be able to use it.

The list below includes a hand fully of items that we started using from the day we brought Graeme home from the hospital and still use today. Not shown are tons of items that he used for a few weeks to a month and, in my opinion, could have been substituted for something else and are not really worth the cost. Live and learn and then share the experience!

Must Have Baby Gear: 0-3 Months

1. Prefold cloth diapers – While we aren’t cloth diapering (Pampers for the win!), we LOVE using these for burp cloths! Sure, there are some really cute patterned burp cloths out there but when it comes to spit-up, you want something substantial and something that will withstand washing, yet soft enough to use on baby’s face, etc. We received tons of different kinds of burp cloths but these are our favorites.

2.Blooming Bath Baby Bath – I love this thing so much! You can use it in the sink or inside an baby bathtub, which is how we use it. Why? Because baby bathtubs are hard plastic. There’s no getting around it. Sure, our baby bathtub has a sling insert for infants (to make it more comfortable, I imagine) but it doesn’t compare to how comfortable the blooming bath is! We just sit the blooming bath bath tub inside the baby bathtub and contour it to the baby bathtub and sit Graeme right on top. It absorbs the warm water so it keeps him warmer during the bath. It’s crazy soft so I know he’s comfortable, but the best thing is that he stays put. No slipping around!

3. Homedics Noise Machine – We have two noise machines, one in our bedroom for nighttime sleep, and one in the nursery for naps. We liked the one in his nursery because it’s portable and attaches to the crib and car seat but it would automatically turn off after 45 minutes and the sudden absence of noise caused Graeme to wake up before he was ready. Not cool. Right now, he naps without a noise machine (yay!) but to keep him from waking up before he’s ready, THIS works perfectly! We’ve not used anything else so I can’t say it’s the best but I’m glad I paid attention to Lucie’s List and registered for it because it’s all we’ll ever need!

4. Tula Ergonomic Baby Carrier – There are so many baby carriers out there. SO MANY. I probably spent more time researching baby carriers than any other baby item and I’m so glad I did. We have two other carriers and a couple wraps, yet Graeme only likes the Tula! It’s made to carry baby 15-45 pounds, but with the newborn insert, you don’t have to wait!

5. Summer Infant SwaddleMe Wrap – I WISH we hadn’t wasted our time or money on swaddle blankets! We bought the best kind too and nothing but these amazing SwaddleMe Wraps could keep our hoodini swaddled! We lost so much sleep re-swaddling Graeme in the first 6 weeks or so. Please don’t make the same mistake!

6. Britax B-Safe infant car seat – We love love love our Britax infant car seat and stroller! But I know of plenty of people who have different brands and love there’s all the same. We went with Britax because of their steel frame built (STEEL!) and their high safety ratings. Whatever brand you go with PLEASE look into their safety ratings but also, make sure you get one that has an adjustable incline base. We didn’t know how important it is until recently when Graeme started sitting up (assisted) and being reclined in the newborn position just wasn’t comfortable anymore.

7. Angelcare Monitor – I make this suggest no matter how your child sleeps (back or belly) because peace of mind is gold. However, if you have a belly sleeper like I do, this is mandatory in my book. SIDS is real but also is the fact that some babies just won’t sleep on their backs unless they’re swaddled and on an incline. What can you do about it? Get this monitor! It’s tracks even the slightest movement (aka, breathing) so I know that Graeme is safe sleeping on his tummy in his crib.

8. WubbaNub – They use these in NICUs so it must be good, right? Graeme will NOT suck on a pacifier. Any brand, any kind. None. BUT he loves to chew (read: gum) on them and the WubbaNub helps him hold on to it better. He likes the chew on the hands and feet too.

9. Kick and Play Piano Gym – If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen a few pictures of Graeme lying on this play mat. He plays on it several times a day and his interest in it has only grown as he’s gotten older. He LOVES to kick so having something like the keys of the piano to kick against makes it way more fun for him. Plus, the music isn’t too terribly annoying 😉

10. Boppy Pillow – SO MANY USES! It’s a must for breastfeeding, but it’s also great for propping up in the crib, tummy time, as a sitting up assist, and anything else you can think of!

11. Rock’n’Play Sleeper – Graeme is only in it when he’s sleeping at night but buddy, he sleeps SO great in it – has since day one of being home from the hospital. It’s small enough to travel with and to sit in our bedroom (where he sleeps) but big enough for him to sleep in until he starts sitting up on his own. And it hugs him better than any other type of in room sleeper that’s I’ve ever seen.