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My desktop speaks for itself

December 3, 2012

I’m showing you a screenshot of my desktop for three reasons:

One – as a little sneak peek to my new re-branding that I’m working on for Rachael Houser Photography. There’s a lot going on in the behind the scenes these days and I cannot wait until it’s already to debut it! Along with the re-brand, I’m bringing in a lot of new business material as well as adding a few new surprises for my clients. Expect the unveiling around the end of December!

Two – It’s a new organizational tool I’ve designed to help me focus on what still needs to be done, as well as what I’ve accomplished. You know that saying “Out of sight, out of mind”? Yea, exactly. I created a background image in photoshop with the following categories: sessions to cull, session to edit, sessions to blog, sessions to print, and miscellaneous. I then place the session or wedding (or misc) folders into whichever box it belongs. That way every time as I log into my computer, I will see what needs to be taken care of right off, without having to open each folder individually to see what has yet to be done. SO MUCH FASTER, I tell you!

And three – If you look closely, you’ll see I only have three sessions/weddings to blog, only one session/wedding to edit, and zero sessions/weddings to cull through – for the remainder of this year! I have a couple sessions currently scheduled for December so those will be added once they’ve happened but just seeing my desktop “emptying” is bitter sweet. The year is coming to a close but I’ve accomplished SO MUCH with my business this year and I’m already booking up next year. It’s a lovely thing, really.