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My weekend before Christmas

December 19, 2010


I had a very productive Saturdays and a very lazy Sunday. Isn’t that how’s it’s suppose to be? Saturday morning I woke up, packed, got ready, and left for Madisonville. After I dropped the dogs off at Megan and Bryan’s house, Megan and I drove to Evansville, IN for lunch at Acropolis and shopping at the Green..whatever….mall. Being a week before Christmas, the mall was crazy busy and we got harassed by a few kiosk managers; someone tried to sell us a $200 straightener. Yea right! We returned home just in time to change and get ready for a wedding in which Neil was a groomsman. We drove to Calhoun for the small but nice ceremony and then to Owensboro for the sooo not worth it reception. Megan and I left after being there only15 minutes or so and had dinner at a small diner in Calhoun, on the way back to Madisonville.

Fast forward to this morning. Neil and I had planned to visit an LDS church but slept through church all together. Me, Neil, Megan, and Bryan had lunch with Megan’s parents and then spent the entire afternoon on the couch watching either football (yuck!) or DVRed Criminal Minds. I discovered two things: I LOVE Criminals minds (seriously, where has this show been all my life?) and It doesn’t bother me one bit that I don’t know anything about football. Something else I discovered today was that I need to have a tonsillectomy. But until then I will just have to do with antibiotics my nurse practitioner friend called in for me.

Neil was at work so the five of us joined him for dinner at the Oasis. It was tasty and fattening. I only feel a little bad for missing my work out yesterday and today. Ah well. Not only are my tonsils the size jawbreakers, but I’ve also not been feeling well just all around. After dinner I packed up the car and drove me and my pups home and here I sit. It was really really nice to spend the weekend with Megan, God knows I’ve missed her something crazy, but I’m glad to be home.

Since this semester ended I haven’t spent more than two nights in a row at home. I’ve been in Paducah mostly. Don’t get me wrong, you all know how much I LOVE being in Paducah, but my bed at my parents’ house is no where close as comfortable as our bed here and also, I hate packing for however many days. I never know what the weather is going to do or what I might be doing while I’m away so sometimes I don’t pack exactly what I end up needing. And then there’s the whole Neil being in Madisonville working/Eddyville sleeping. He might be with me one night out of the 4 nights I’m in Paducah but that just doesn’t do. Even when I’m in Eddyville, we hardly see each other. That’s why this week is going to rock!

More on that tomorrow!