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Our Story: The First Few Months

June 2, 2014


Last week’s Our Story post ended after my and Neil’s first “date” – a group movie outing to see Elf. This occurred after talking for over a month, being friends for a couple years, and knowing each other for over 4 years. Would you believe, even after all that time, it took us over 2 months of “dating” before we would finally make it official?

We were together almost every night and I, being a serial monogamous, was ready to call it official from the very beginning. I chalked Neil’s hesitance up to being a typical high school guy – commitment phobia and wanting to “play the field” but I knew him better than that and stuck it out. Years later, I finally managed to squeeze the real reason – why it took him so long to ask me to be his girlfriend – out of him. And I’m so glad he didn’t tell me back then because I don’t know that I would have believed him. Even typing it out here… it’s so dang cheesy!

But I believed him when he told me years later “I didn’t want to commit myself to you because I knew that if I did, I would fall in love with you, and I thought I was too young to fall in love for the rest of my life”.

It’s the cheesiest, more romantic thing I have ever heard.