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Rachel & Walt

September 22, 2017

It was steamy outside and poor Rachel was probably feeling it more than Walt and I were, but they both knocked their downtown Paducah maternity session out of the park back in August, not too long before little William made his appearance!

I may shoot a ton of family and newborn portraits, but I still pride myself as and call myself a wedding photographer primarily. That’s where my heart is – it’s what gets my blood pumping each Saturday. But I continue to offer portraits because my goal in my business is to follow a couple through the wedding and into their family life. I don’t want to be a family photographer, I want to be a family’s photographer. Because of the close relationship I strive to build with each and every bride, I’m sometimes one of the first people to find out when a couple is pregnant. I usually am notified just hours after the birth of a child. I am beyond honored to capture all of these huge milestones in a family’s life!